An artist as much as a researcher, Sy Hassan owes his passion for handloomed figured weaves to his father, a prominent silk Master-weaver. This familial inheritance, combined with his taste for drawing and his love of old techniques, led him to dedicate his life to the study and preservation of the Arabo-Andalusian handweaving techniques, to which we owe some of the most beautiful fabrics ever woven in the Islamic world. 


Isabelle Riaboff is a doctor of anthropology. Since 2005, she has dedicated herself to the study of Fez's weaving traditions. She is the author of several academic articles and book chapters, including: 'Weaving the lampas on hand-operated drawlooms', Datatèxtil 23 (Dec. 2010, pp. 56-71) and 'L'héritage andalou dans le tissage de Fès / Pervivencias andalusíes en los tejidos de Fez', in A la luz de la seda (Madrid: Museo Lázaro Galdiano & Museo de la Alhambra, 2012), pp. 41-48, 194-197.




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